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Stage booking system

Our product, Stage booking and management software is a complete package, ranging from booking seats on stage, printing tickets as well as checking tickets at the door...

The project was origionally built for Riddarfjärdsteatern in Stockholm, but has after that been redesigned and is now a complete system, perfect for any size stages.

The system is built for Windows and uses a server to communicate with multiple instances of the program.

Stage management software, also comes with a tablet pc software, wich can scan the code on the ticket and also allows for simple management, all access based.


Stage booking system

  • Windows Program
  • Multiple Users
  • Custom graphical interface
  • Maintenance plan
  • Database Backend
  • Ticket generation and printing
  • Seat booking and management
  • Complete system
  • Access based

Project Details

Our Stage Booknig Management System, is a complete Stage Management system, everything from manageing time on stage, to bookings of seats. To printing tickets, and managing guests at the front door.
The system is availible in both an online version, where we stand for the hosting of the server, as well as an on site version, where you manage the server att your location. The system can handle multiple simultainious connections, and is completely access based.

The system also is adapted to your stage, so you will be able to show a schema over your seats in your own theatre. The system is built in .NET and together with our queue management software, you can create a complete customer system, from manageing the queues to seats and payment.
Of course, our system also handles tablet PCs.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you are interrested in this product!