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Customer: Dansportalen

Dansportalen is Scandinavias Biggest portal about dance, and is made in multiple languages...

Dansportalen was our project for many years, between 1998 to 2005. We designed multiple designes and created a community area where users could create their own homepage.

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  • Site Redesign
  • Custom CMS Developmet
  • Custom Booking System
  • SEO Optimization
  • Our Web Hosting Solution
  • Custom Admin Area

Client's Web Adress

The Project

Dansportalen was a big project, with that many visitors each day, nothing could go wrong. In the beginning, it was all developed in asp, but as time went, it was transferred to

We designed dansportalen with a custom admin area, where writers could login, and write an article, this was then sent to an administrator for approval and put on the mainpage, this could be done many months in advance, meaning that the homepage always had articles on it even during holidays.